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20/04/2018 09:48 PM

Gold fell $11 to $1335.00 in late morning New York trade before it bounced back higher at times, but it still ended with a loss of 0.77%. Silver slipped to as low as $17.044 and ended with a loss of 0.7%.

20/04/2018 09:35 PM

Taiga was created through a plan of arrangement with Eagle Plains Resources Ltd. and owns 5 projects targeting gold in the area near the Seabee Gold Operation, owned and operated by SSR Mining Inc. (formerly Silver Standard Resources Inc.), (“SSRM”) (TSX: SSRM) (NASDAQ: SSRM). Taiga’s flagship property is named “Fisher” and is currently being explored by SSRM under option from Taiga (see details below). As announced by Eagle Plains on March 21st, 2018, SSRM has commenced Phase 1 of an 18,000m drilling campaign within Fisher property boundaries and currently has two drills in operation.

20/04/2018 09:09 PM

Since the advent of nineteenth century socialism, politicians and economists in the centre ground have argued for a balanced approach, where vital services are provided by the state, and capitalism is left to provide the rest. Vital services in a modern economy are taken to include pensions, unemployment and disability benefits, healthcare and education. Most states also provide communications, such as rail and road infrastructure, electrical grids and perhaps telecommunications. They often own and operate on behalf of the people utilities, such as the railways, ports, electricity and water.

20/04/2018 09:03 PM

Mike Maloney and David Morgan take a look at the recent price action in silver. Is this a breakout or a fakeout?

20/04/2018 08:39 PM

COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - April 20, 2018

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Is gold an investment? Last week I would have been very tempted to answer “who cares?” as I fondled a kilogram bar a little smaller than an iPhone. The colour, smoothness and sheer weight of such a small object was totally seductive.


A major Japanese electronics maker approached First Majestic Silver Corp. for the first time last month seeking to lock in future stock, a sign of supply concerns that could boost the metal’s price ninefold, according to the best-performing producer of the metal.


The main drivers for the recycling of any material will always include the value of the material that would otherwise be going to waste and the reduced energy and processing costs required for recycling versus primary sourcing.


Gold demand climbed 21%yoy led by gains in investment category that recorded the strongest uplift in seven years while higher prices incentivised producers to reconsider hedging policy in Q1/16,m the latest WGC report shows.


Swiss competition commission WEKO has opened an investigation into possible collusion in the trading of precious metals, it said on Monday.


The blessing and curse of being a contrarian is this: an inevitable outcome is recognized well before it comes to fruition. Even though profitable opportunities may be identified well in advance, it can take so long for hallmark events such as capitulation to happen, that it gives ample time to second-guess one’s convictions.


Gold prices rose a smidgen as China’s central bank devalues the Yuan yet again


European investors snapped up gold bars and coins at a rapid pace in the second quarter as turmoil in Greece threatened to push the country out of the Eurozone


While Eastern demand for physical gold investment remains strong, most of the folks in the WEST are bored with the barbarous relic as they continue to funnel their funds into highly inflated paper assets. However, the Germans seem to look at gold a bit differently


The U.S. economy hasn’t completely recovered from its last recession – what some have called the biggest since the Great Depression – but another one could be just around the corner, according to one economist.


It appears the Indian government - having come to the rapid realization that any attempts to thwart the use of gold as a monetary equivalent merely forced the people to hoard the precious metal in ever larger amounts and ever more shadow, un-regulated, ways - now has a very different opinion.

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