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Looking to buy gold coins in the UK? At Betts Investments, we offer a range of gold coins for sale online. Gold bullion coins offer convenience and are widely recognised units for trading gold. The reason as to why these gold coins are called ‘bullion’ is because they are issued primarily to gold investors.

The prices of gold coins are not fixed but based on the current value of the fine gold content. This allows gold investors and dealers to trade coins as investment products at prices that are in line with the international price of gold. Gold coins are mass-produced in large quantities to ensure that they are available at competitive prices compared with gold bars of similar sizes. In addition, gold coins are universally recognised, which makes them easier to resell.

In the UK, gold bullion coins are denominated in ounces, and can be issued in 4 sizes that contains the specified weights of fine gold: 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz, 1/10oz. The 1oz bullion coin is the most important as it accounts for most of the total amount of gold used in the manufacture of bullion coins.

Our Krugerrands would be the least expensive way to buy a 1oz gold bullion coin due to its wide availability, and there is always a good supply of such older coins. It is also the most popular and iconic bullion coin in the world. Our 1oz Maple Leaf coins are more expensive, and are very popular among investors who prefer a fine gold to the 22ct gold Krugerrand. The gold purity of these coins are 99.99%.

You can buy gold coins in the UK via our online payment system. We accept debit and credit card payments online, as well as bank transfers. For more information, please read our F&Qs.

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Gold Maple 1oz

The one ounce Maple Leaf coin is a Canadian fine gold coin depicting the famous Canadian Maple leaf.  These coins contain one troy ounce of fine gold and are 99.99% pure. The Maple Leaf is manufactured by the Canadian Mint and does not attract VAT. This is a popular bullion coin, especially for investors who prefer a fine gold coin to the 22ct gold Krugerrand

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Betts Investments stocks the major gold bullion coins. These coins still offer an attractively low cost over the gold price, whilst also being globally recognisable and conveniently small units for easy trading. Gold coins are always exempt from VAT and British gold coins are also exempt from CGT

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